The mission of the SV-ISS (Sportverein der Internatonalen Schule Stuttgart) is to provide and coordinate a variety of competitive, non-competitive and recreational activities. The SV-ISS works hand-in-hand with ISS (International School of Stuttgart). We welcome everybody who wants to compete or further develop physical, social and interpersonal abilities.

Sportverein is the German word for sports club. As a Sportverein we are registered in the German Register of Associations in the Local District Court. This means that everybody has access to it, not only students from ISS. Our successful program is growing from year to year. We have built partnerships with different schools and sports clubs to increase our program and to have more children from the German community joining our Sportverein. To make sure that your child is happy with the sport chosen in our program, there will be oder we offer a two-week free trial period for all activities except for tennis.