Our Programs

The Tools We Use

Degerloch and Sindelfingen Upper Schools

Students need to be online and ready to apply themselves at the start time of each lesson.

Students should work in a quiet space, free of distractions.

Dressing for work is an important part of preparing ourselves for the task at hand. Please make sure that children are dressed appropriately for class (not in pajamas!) and have had sufficient breakfast, snack or lunch and have finished eating before the lesson starts.

Video cameras should be kept on during lesson time where students are engaging in class learning. With teacher permission they may be turned off during independent work times.

Students need to be learning and working appropriately to their age and stage of development. We ask parents therefore, to encourage children to work independently, when at all possible. If students have questions about their learning, they should address them to the teachers and learning support team (learning assistants and educational interns).

Online Learning Expectations

International School of Stuttgart

As of January 11th please take note of the following which applies to all classes 6-12 in Degerloch:

All classes will begin at 8:15am. via TEAMS.

There will be no online homeroom registration (normally from 8.10-8.15)

All subject teachers will be recording attendance in Veracross at the start of the class, so please ensure that your son/daughter is ready in Teams to ensure accurate attendance management.

Students will follow their usual timetable. 


Veracross will continue to be used for taking attendance and assigning classwork and assessments, and grading, according to divisional expectations. Additionally, a further expectation is placed on teachers for using Veracross websites to communicate lesson plans and further information for students and families. In turn, students and families are expected to check these websites daily. 

Microsoft Teams

Teams will be used by teachers to hold live online classes. In the Upper Schools these will be held according to normally scheduled classes. In the lower schools teachers will communicate with families on the Veracross class website, informing them of the daily/weekly schedules and participation expectations. 

Teams can also be used by staff and students to have live collaborations either through Chat, or within the classroom Team, as relevant. 

For Staff & Faculty, divisional Teams are available for communication and collaboration as warranted. 

GSuite Apps and/or Office 365 apps

All students in grades 5 and up have access to a GSuite (isswiki.de) account, and all students grades 1-12 have a Microsoft Office 365 account. There are many ‘apps’ which come with these accounts, which students and teachers should use for completing both independent and collaborative assignments. It is at the teacher’s discretion as to which apps are most appropriate in a given situation. 

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of our GSuite and is already being used by many students and teachers across the upper schools. If this is already a tool being used, teachers are encouraged to continue using it, for consistency and efficiency. They should however be aware of the expectations for use of the Veracross websites, in addition to this, for communicating daily and weekly plans, assignments, and grades.  

ISS Learning Commons

Through the ISS Learning Commons (libraries and digital learning resources) students and teachers have access to a wide variety of resources for research, independent learning, and learning support tools. These can be accessed through the Learning Commons website. Teachers and students should begin by using these resources before adding any new ones to their lessons and activities.