Entry to ISS

Safety Guidelines


When we are onsite

We would like to inform all members of our community that the following requirements for onsite learning will be met throughout the academic year, and adjusted as required.

COVID 19 Safety Expectations and Practices:

Our priorities include:

  • Regular updating of the hygiene regulations for students and staff
  • Students (above grade 5) and staff must wear masks in all areas and at all times. This applies to the entire school day.
  • We will not mix classes

Staff Regulations

  • Staff workspaces are cleaned and we are providing protective screening.

Family/Student Regulations

  • No parents are allowed in school buildings

Facility Expectations

The School Campuses have segregated areas. According to local regulations, we are required to group children into groups which are clearly isolated from each other. The advantage of this is that should we have a positive COVID 19 case, we will not need to quarantine all students, but only those within a cluster. 

  • We are requiring staggered entrances and exits in different locations to segregate grade levels.
  • We are also staggering times and locations for food provision and students will eat in separate rooms.
  • Hygiene resources will be regularly provided and hand cleaning regularly implemented.
  • The school is providing a cleaning rotation in classrooms after or before meals.
  • Rooms are being ventilated on a regular 20 minute schedule.

Programming restrictions include

  • GISST, overnight field trips, Model United Nation events are postponed until second semester.
  • PE and Music classes will take place and will meet with local hygiene regulations.
  • Afternoon programming on both campuses will be adjusted according to local regulations as they occur.