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Distance Learning Portal for Students
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Keeping the learning going – even from a distance

In the Degerloch Lower School, we have developed a system that makes best use our ISS tools for engaging young learners. Veracross remains as the starting point, and leads students to our Distance Learning Portal. Our GSuite Drive folders provide secure access to resources and Toddle allows for the submission of student work. Microsoft Teams enables live meetings that keep the conversations going.

The Portal
A Closer Look
The Distance Learning Portal

The Distance Learning Portal

Degerloch Lower School

Expectations for online learning are a balance of screen time with teachers and independent teacher-guided work away from the screen- based on the development ages of our children. We wish to strive for a balance to ensure screen health and optimize learning. MS Teams is used to broadcast learning, Toddle is our tool for communicating the tasks, the sharing, and the annotation and assessment of learning by teachers.

For Student Registration
Children will be registered online during the scheduled check-in for each Grade level. See the table below.

For children in Grades 1-5, if your child is not able to be online for the registration half hour, but has completed and posted in Google on that day, they will be considered as ‘present.’

For Student Absences
If your child cannot participate in Distance Learning for any reason, then please inform the teacher and Lower School Secretary at

This portal is a website developed specifically for the needs of our Lower School students and teachers. Organized by grade level, students have quick access to everything that they need for their daily learning experience.

By 17:00 each Sunday: An overview of the learning activities and projects planned for the coming week, as well as scheduled meetings, are posted. This includes all homeroom and language-related activities. For the Early Years, learning opportunities are provided, but not compulsory. For grades 1 – 5, this includes a more detailed daily plan for each school day, which includes specific video lessons, links to resources, and further information as needed. Please note that this information may change throughout the week as needed. Changes will be finalized by 17:00 each afternoon.

Specialist subject teachers (art, PE, music) provide weekly projects which are accessed through the Specialist icon on each grade level page. Students are encouraged to find time during their week to pursue these creative and active learning engagements.

The Tools
A Closer Look


The PURPOSE of using Toddle is to allow students to share their learning in one simple and safe place. 

With the addition of Toddle, we can streamline the process of students submitting their learning. They will do this directly to their own personal folder in the Toddle Student app. All tasks designated as ‘Toddle Tasks‘ will be submitted on the CLASSROOM tab, and all other tasks will be submitted on the JOURNAL tab. Further information can be found by clicking the image icon.



Student Information System

Every student at ISS is part of a class on Veracross. In the Lower School, the associated class website is used to share weekly reflections on learning, and to communicate other information to parents. In our Distance Learning Program, this continues to be the case.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Live Meetings

Microsoft Teams is a tool that we are implementing specifically for our Distance Learning Program. This Office 365 app allows teachers and students to stay connected through scheduled live online meetings. Each grade level has a ‘Team’ where all the teachers and students meet at designated times, once per day. Occasionally small group meetings are held, for example with the German or EAL teacher, or for a small group sharing session. All families are asked to download the app to their devices using the student’s account.

Google GSuite

Google GSuite

File sharing

In addition to a Microsoft account, every student has a GSuite account which provides access to our own Google domain called All students must login to Google Drive with their provided accounts, rather than with personal gmail accounts, in order to access our site and files.