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The Learning Continues

2020/2021 School Year

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Latest Update:

Read a summary of the newest regulations in Baden Württemberg (November 2).

Learning still at the core of all we do

We are pleased that the guidelines released by the authorities continue to support the full opening of all schools in Baden Württemberg.  We will be updating this portal site to provide specific detail for all classes throughout the year.  Of course, the health and safety of our community will always remain our top priority so, as we did last year, we will always provide current and any changing guidelines as they develop.

The expectation for the 2020/21 school year is that all students and teachers are back in school onsite (in person).

But we are prepared, no matter, what, to keep learning together.

Alternative Programming for Covid-19 Circumstances

Although the current expectation is that all students and teachers are onsite (in person) for the 2020/21 school year, we have also prepared for extenuating circumstances that require us to respond accordingly. We have developed the following two policies to support the community in understanding our response and the related conditions and expectations.

online synchronous learning policy

The ISS learning statement ‘Learning at the core of all we do’ is at the heart of our response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Informed by our Distance Learning policy, the Online Synchronous Learning policy bridges our belief in the importance of learning in person and on campus, to local regulations and expectations for student safety.

The purpose of the policy is to describe the expectations, procedures, and supports that have been implemented to support those few students unable to attend our school in person for specific medical reasons. 

Our current emphasis is on our in-person learning program but we are also providing access to our classrooms in a synchronous manner and will expect students utilizing our Online Synchronous Learning system to maintain communication through our school approved software and learning management tools in the same manner as our in-person students.

The following guidelines apply to the COVID 19 Pandemic Response for the current school year 2020-21.

The guidelines will be regularly reviewed and updated by the school’s Leadership, Academic Council, and ICT teams in accordance with changing governmental regulations.

Distance Learning Policy (School Closure)

The policy and guidelines apply to the following situations: 

  • Short (1-2 school days) or long-term closure (more than 2 school days) where all faculty, staff, and students are not able to be on campus. 
  • Short or long-long term absence of faculty and/or students, who are not ill, due to emergency circumstances. 

From the date of closure or absence, faculty and students will have two working days to prepare for implementation. 

In the event of any school closure, the International School of Stuttgart will provide distance learning education for its students. The continuity of learning will be aligned with the school’s Vision, Mission and Philosophy, as well as through the PYP, MYP and Diploma program expectations of the International Baccalaureate.