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Re-Entry to ISS

Sindelfingen Primary Years


The Latest Communication

Dear Parents,

According to the latest hygiene guidelines from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture and Education, we are in the position to offer our students the opportunity to meet all of their classmates for an afternoon during our final week of the school year. As you have seen in Mr. Kelley’s previous communications, we had already made arrangements to bring our school in earlier than local schools so we will be maintaining that agreement through until July 3. This means the previously published timetable for the final week remains in place.

We will invite a rotation of classes to spend the afternoon together. The purpose of this session will be to reflect on this year’s extraordinary learning experience, define best hopes for next year and give the students the opportunity to see each other.

These sessions will happen on a rotating basis between 13:00-14:30. The morning sessions are unaffected and remain as previously communicated.

This provision needs to be provided according to ongoing hygiene procedures. In particular, this means a strict division of class groups. We ask parents to support us in this by maintaining the correct distance outside of the school building.

Monday 29th June

Class meeting for 1/2H. Grade 1 students from 1/2H are in for the morning session, Grade 2 students from 1/2H are invited to join from 13:00. Dismissal is at 14:30.

Monday 29th June

Class meeting for 3/4D. Grade 3 students from 3/4D are in for the morning session, Grade 4 students from 3/4D are invited to join from 13:00. Dismissal is at 14:30.

Tuesday 30th June

Class meeting for 1/2K. Grade 1 students from 1/2K are in for the morning session, Grade 2 students from 1/2K are invited to join from 13:00. Dismissal is at 14:30.

Tuesday 30th June

Class meeting for 3/4K. Grade 3 students from 3/4K are in for the morning session, Grade 4 students from 3/4K are invited to join from 13:00. Dismissal is at 14:30.

Thursday 2nd July

Class meeting for Grade 5. Group B students from Grade 5 are in for the morning session, Group A students from Grade 5 are invited to join from 13:00. Dismissal is at 14:30.

Thursday 2nd July

Class meeting for Early Years. Group B students from Grade 5 are in for the morning session, Group A students from Grade 5 are invited to join from 13:00. Dismissal is at 14:30.

NB – There will be no distance learning tasks which need to be completed on the day each class has their meeting.

Students who are in school for the morning session should bring a packed lunch on this day. They will eat this at their tables at the end of the morning (approximately 12:30). They should bring everything they need for this (e.g. utensils) to school with them. Students joining for the afternoon should eat lunch before they arrive at school.

Please be aware that the afternoon sessions are open to all students in the class but are optional. These sessions will be conducted with new hygiene regulations which do not require students to observe the ‘social distance’ between each other. Students will be advised to be cautious, but will not be required to stay 1.5 metres from each other.

In order to assist planning, please email your child’s class teacher directly if your child will not take part in the extra afternoon session.

Kind regards,

Owen Murphy

How will it work?

Students not present in the school building will continue to be offered Distance Learning. Since half of the teaching time will be spent in school, the Distance Learning model will evolve to a two-week rotation and will have less activities. 

School staff will continue to support online learning, but with reduced hours as a result of their work in the school building.

Specialist lessons which take place in school will not be offered in Distance Learning. Some specialist lessons will not take place in school and will continue to be offered only through Distance Learning.

These activities will only change every two weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many children will be in each class?

In line with the clear recommendations from the local authorities, half of the class will be in school at any time. Currently, this means that no more than 10 students will be in a classroom at any time.

How many children will be on campus?

Approximately half of all students.

Which staff will work with my child?

Returning classes will be with their class teaching team where possible. Some specialist classes will take place in school, others will continue to be offered via Distance Learning. This offering will also continue in an evolved way for weeks during which a student is not on campus. Other essential staff for the smooth running of the school operation will also be on campus.

What isn’t possible?

There are some elements of schooling which are not possible at this time. Due to the fact that students and staff need to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other, group work and certain types of collaborative learning will not be possible. Classroom furniture will be arranged in such a way to support students with keeping this distance. Clear markings will be given for lining up.

Since students will only spend every other week in school, the Distance Learning provision provided by the International School of Stuttgart will continue to support learning, although this offering will be modified in accordance with the partial return to school.

Is the school providing food and drinks?

Your child should come to school with a morning snack and drinks. Utensils and containers should be in a bag that the children can take home with them at the end of each day. No student will eat lunch on campus. Students should bring a clean water bottle, which they can refill with tap water at school.

Which hygiene measures will be in place?

Local required health regulations will be kept. The supervising staff take every reasonable effort to ensure the children keep to a safe distance from each other. Regular hand washing will be mandatory. The wearing of masks is – in line with local regulations – not compulsory, though we will have masks available in school. When students are moving around the school building, masks should be worn by all students aged 6 and above. Should it not be possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres, a mask and gloves must be worn. Students will be provided with masks and gloves as required. In addition, disinfectant wipes will be available for students to clean their own working space at regular intervals.

What clothing is appropriate?

The children will spend time outside on the playground in the fresh air so we ask that you make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.

What else should I bring?

Children should not bring personal objects, such as toys, stationery or electronic devices. Coats and a small backpack will be stored in the classroom spaces. Classes will not use lockers or out-of-classroom cloakrooms during this phase.

How will students get to school?

Travel to school is the individual responsibility of students and parents. Please be reminded of the requirement to cover nose and mouth on public transport. Below are conditions for entering the school building which should be considered when planning your journey to school. Do not gather outside of the school building before your appointed entry time.

Which entrance will I use?

Early Years, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 5 will enter through the main school entrance. Grades 3 and 4 will enter through the door at the top of the ramp, which is approximately 15 metres to the left of the school entrance. All Primary Students must wait outside, maintaining the safe distance, until they are admitted to the school by a member of staff at their strict entrance time. Students will only be admitted
at the stated time. Each grade will have a waiting area which is signposted. A parent/caregiver must remain with their children until a member of ISS staff collects the students. Please do not arrive before the appointed time (no Early Birds programme is possible at this time). The social distance of 1.5 metres must also be kept outside of the school building. No other entrance is to be used to ensure
health boundaries are kept.

Pick up will be from the main campus entrance promptly at the stated time for each grade.

Parents may not enter the school building under any circumstances.

How will classrooms be cleaned?

As mentioned, ISS will try and make sure that all hygiene and health standards and advisories are kept. In addition, classrooms and other areas, such as the toilets and corridors used by children, will be thoroughly cleaned.

Who should I contact if I need help or support?

Please call the school office 0703 1-685 978 0 between 8:10 and 15:30 (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri) and 8:10 and 12:30 (Wed). Please ensure that your contact details in Veracross are up-to-date with contact details where we can reach you during the day.

What if my child has an existing health condition?

Parents should follow local authority advice regarding students who are in risk groups. If a child is in a risk group, they should not attend school.

Is attendance compulsory?

Parents should clearly review the hygiene documentation. During this phase, parents maintain the right to decide they do not wish for their child to attend school. This must be clearly communicated to the school in advance. In order to assist with hygiene planning, such a decision could only be changed in direct consultation with the campus leadership. Students who do not attend should continue to follow the Distance Learning offering, although parents should be aware this will be modified due to the partial return of students and staff.

What should I do if my child feels unwell?

During the Coronavirus period it is even more important that you keep your child home when she/he is not feeling well, running a fever (above 37, 5°C), having a cough, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. You should inform the school office. No-one is to enter the building if s/he is infectious / infected or has been in contact with an infected person.

Your child would only be able to return to school after being symptom-free for 48 hours. Please note this increased time period which applies throughout the current situation.