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Re-Entry to ISS

Degerloch Middle Years


How will it work?

Please note that students will be expected to be in school during their assigned week from 8.15-15.30 (periods 1-4). All other classes will continue the Distance Learning program from home.
Grade 10 will be in school for their grade 10 exams only, and we are in the process of organising additional revision sessions for these students during the week of June 2-7 and this information will be forwarded via email to grade 10 students and their parents in the course of next week.

Coming & Going

Students will enter and exit using the side entrance by the New Gym. Do not use the Main Front Lobby entrance!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the building?

All students must enter the school through the Middle School side entrance. As you will need to enter single file it would be a good idea to arrive a little earlier than usual i.e. approx 8 a.m. You will need to be wearing a mask.
We will ask you to sanitise your hands, then to go into the new gym. The gym will be divided by the curtain into two halves, one for each homeroom class.

What is my timetable?

Your timetable will remain the same however some classes will be in different rooms. Make sure to check Veracross to know where your classes will take place.

Where do I sit?

Your teachers will tell you where to sit. Make a note of the number of your table as you must always sit at the same table in each classroom.

How do I eat my lunch?

Lunch will be eaten in the main homeroom space i.e. the new gym. To avoid too many students being on the pitch at the one time: Grade A will eat lunch from 13.10- 13.30, Grade B will eat lunch from 13.35 – 14.00.
Students are required to wear masks when on the pitch.

What do I bring to school?
  • remember Konny’s is not open. You will need to bring your own food and drink.
  • keep all books etc. needed for the day in your backpack so you do not need to go to your locker.
  • your phone should be turned off and in a plastic bag in your backpack.
  • sanitising wipes (we have some at school but students also prefer to have their own to wipe down personal belongings)
  • extra mask(s) (there will be some in school but most students prefer to bring their own material ones)
  • small tube of hand-cream (frequent sanitising of hands can make them dry and cracked)
  • own plastic gloves (if preferred)
  • headphones (for virtual classes should your teacher be teaching from home; make sure they are in a plastic bag in your backpack).
Where will classes take place?

Most classes will be taught in the new gym. Only when you break into smaller groups i.e. for your language acquisition classes, will you be asked to go up the stairs to the Middle School area.

What about Arts and PE classes?

You do not need to bring your PE clothes. During PE you will go on a walk in the local area or catch up on your written work.
Music / Art / Drama
Do not bring instruments to school as we are not allowed to run instrumental lessons. Art and drama lessons will take place in the new gym.

The Expectations