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Re-Entry to ISS

Degerloch Early Years


Below you will find updated information relating to your child returning to school on Monday, May 18th. We have tried to arrange this information to answer as many of your questions as possible, based on the communications we have had from you as parents.

Groupings and Logisitics

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What learning will my child do?

Working within the physical distancing measures, Early Years children during alternate weeks will spend some of their morning in a small group in one of the Early Years rooms with a familiar staff member (this may not be their homeroom or key group teacher) and also some time with their small group outside. This is designed to limit the movement and contact between staff and students. Students will also have their own designated table and space to play at, in order to reduce close interactions between students.

Familiar routines will continue offering security to the children, as they join morning circles, have centre times, outdoor learning, snack times and story times.

In line with Reggio and PYP pedagogy, children will follow their interests and have access to a small number of resources that they choose themselves, and only they will play with these during the day. Staff will support children’s exploration as they develop their own inquiries and projects, differentiating for each child according to their skills, interests, and ages.

Children are also having the opportunity to continue to develop IB Primary Years Program Learner profile attributes and approaches to learning skills. Developing self-management skills as they learn about hygiene and how they can care for themselves and one another by washing hands carefully and keeping some distance from one another as they interact with one another. Teachers will support students as they reflect upon the changes that have happened at school and help them as they express emotions.

Distance learning will continue to be led by the Early Years team. During alternate weeks when your child is not at school, and for those children who are remaining at home, on-line morning meetings will still take place as well as one to one meetings. Ongoing activities and stories will continue to be available on the weekly home learning plans and specialists will continue to share provocations online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is on-site attendance compulsory?

Currently, parents can decide if they do not wish for their child to attend school especially as we are providing a robust Distance Learning program. Students who do not or are unable to attend, should continue to follow the Distance Learning program.

What if my child has an existing health condition?

Parents should review the ISS health and hygiene documentation.

How will the children be organized?

The children are organized into ‘A/B’ groups which will come to school for alternate weeks. Children have a staggered drop off time, but of course siblings will arrive together. In addition, children should bring a drink and snack from home and will return home to eat their lunches.

How will the children be grouped?

Please note, we are starting off with initial groups as you can see in the table above. Any changes to the groupings will only take place after discussions with me and will first happen within the next rotation, not during any given week. You will appreciate and trust in the fact that we are dealing with a number of variables at the moment and so this organization and structure is a starting point which we will refine as we further develop onsite learning within the health parameters we are given by the local authorities.

What are the expectations?

‘My health, is your health, is our health’ will be a maxim repeated to our students. Nurse Heike and Mr. Morris with the teaching team, will give all children a thorough ‘pep’ talk when they first come into school about health expectations. This will be about hand washing, social distancing, no sharing, and the importance of no physical contact with each other. Children returning from other countries need to have a 2-week quarantine before joining the programme.

What about siblings?

Early Years siblings will be placed in the same group for reasons of reducing chances of infection between multiple groups.