We want to deliver dreams for the future filled with opportunity not only for the students in our school but for learners throughout Baden-Württemberg.

We are proud to announce the completion of our designing and planning for a cutting-edge Upper School facility that will support our strategic aspirations to be a beacon of 21st century education.


With Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) at the heart of our educational dreams this facility will provide: 

  • Expanded state of the art science facilities
  • Expanded and improved Design Makerspaces for engineering exploration
  • Expanded and improved Performance and Visual Arts facilities to celebrate creativity
  • Cutting-edge collaborative educational spaces that exchanges the traditional classroom space for a variety of learning environments that supports clustered and personalized learning
  • A full service kitchen with a variety of healthy food stations throughout the building.
  • Environmentally friendly construction and an advanced sustainable solar and heat pump resource solution
  • Open spaces and terraces that encourage learning in the fresh air.

The building will cost nearly 17 million and with additional taxes, fees for planning and the expenses of the interim solution over the two years, the overall project will cost just under 25 million.  The school will pay for this building through a careful and prudent long term tuition increase plan transparently outlined in our strategic Future of Education. Now. plan brochure. 

Breaking ground in July of 2021, the building is scheduled to be completed by August 2023.


Learning together is the foundational aspect of our new facilities.  We are building collaborative, flexible spaces to allow students and their teachers to work together in a variety of settings.  Expanded science and art facilities on each floor and internationally themed “cluster spaces”  empower students to interact with their peers and their instructors in 21st century visible learning environments.


We are interested in building a building that is a beacon for relevant and interactive learning.  Our intent is to celebrate our city and region’s spirit of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) culture by providing accessible conference and learning spaces we make available to the world, including our own neighborhood.  We want to drive learning forward not only for our students but for learners from our town, our city and all over the world.


We are excited to work with our school and local community to provide additional gifting opportunities to support our dream of building a cutting-edge school with exemplary teaching.  We want the broader ISS community and all those who support it to drive learning forward in ways that will inspire and realize dreams.


Where and Why

Local regulations limit significant reconstruction on our Sindelfingen campus and our Degerloch Lower School Campus.  However, we can expand where our Degerloch Upper School campus is located.  This is great because this is also where we have our oldest buildings!

Outside Opportunities

Health and Wellness are key priorities for the building project, but this also includes significant investment in our outdoor spaces to provide great resources for our Physical Education and Afternoon Activities programs.

Connections before Curriculum

Our school believes in collaborative learning and this new facility emphasizes learning relationships between students and their teachers in a variety of learning environments that take advantage of our excellent student to teacher ratio.