Hygiene Regulations

  1. General Hygiene Rules
  • The current version of the Corona Regulations from the State Government of Baden-Württemberg and the ordinance of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Social Affairs on sports facilities apply. All those involved must adhere to the relevant regulations.
  • All members of the association, especially the parents of underage members, must be informed about the hygiene concept and the applicable rules.
  • People who do not adhere to the hygiene rules are to be excluded from training and are denied access to the gym and other School/Verein facilities.
  • Entrances and exits to the gym are specifically designated for the the athletes during their training times. It is important to ensure that waiting athletes do not create large groups in the entrance or exit areas or in front of the gym.
  • Distancing rules apply in all areas outside of training facilities and parents may not enter the facilities during training.
  • The minimum distance (1.5 meters) must be observed in all areas outside of the gym such as corridors, toilets and locker rooms.
  • Mouth and nose protection must be worn when entering and leaving the gym.
  • The recommendations for individual hand hygiene apply. When entering the gym, hands must be disinfected using the assigned dispensers.
  • The regulations for “coughing and sneezing” in the crook of the arm or disposable handkerchief apply, as well as the immediate disposal of used handkerchiefs.
  • Physical greeting rituals (e.g. handshakes / hugs) are not allowed.

2. Illness and Suspected Infection

  • If one of the following symptoms is present, the person must absolutely stay at home and contact a doctor: cough, fever (above 38° Celsius), shortness of breath, cold symptoms.
  • The same recommendation applies if symptoms are present in other people in your own household.
  • If the test for the Coronavirus in one’s own household is positive, the person concerned must be removed from training and games for at least 14 days.

3. Gym Area / Arrival

  • Mouth and nose protection must be worn at all times when entering the gym.
  • A maximum of 25 people may take part in the training sessions.
  • If the use of the gym is split, and spatial separation is maintained, a maximum of 15 people per part of the gym is allowed.
  • Active participants in sports training  must use the locker rooms assigned to them. After changing clothes, the participants enter the gym using the appropriately marked entrances.
  • There is access to sanitary facilities for all participants, before, during and after training as well as the possibility of cleaning or disinfecting hands.
  • Instructions on proper hand hygiene are posted by  the sanitary facilities.
  • If training sessions take place consecutively, the participants of the following training group are only allowed to enter the sports gym after the participants of the previous training have left , and all used training equipment has been disinfected.
  • After completing the training, the team must leave the building and take their bags and rubbish with them.
  • The athletes’ entrance serves as the gym exit.