Term 1 (Sindelfingen Campus) starts on September 6 and all After School Activities are offered in person unless current regulations change.

The After School Activities Program (ASAP) is designed to offer students at all skill levels the opportunity to try out a variety of activities. They encourage teamwork, contribute to self-confidence, and may help uncover an interest that could last a lifetime. Programs vary each semester. The mission of the ASAP is to provide quality training in a variety of well-structured activities to further the development of a healthy mind, body and attitude as well as to practice and develop specific skills needed to be successful in hobbies and activities of interest. This program is available for Sindelfingen students. 

Please email Ms Kubacsek kubacsekk@issev.de for registration details.



Little Cooks will introduce you to simple and delicious dishes and desserts!! From tasty salads to gooey cookies. We will explore the cooking world together!! Food ideas as well as imagination are always welcome. – Ms Kubacsek & Ms Albarran

KG – Grade 3 Students • 75 Euros / Term  
3:40 – 4:40pm • 
Apartment 4  


In LEGO Mindstorms Club we will be using the LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits to make different building projects and we will program our creations to complete different challenges. – Ms Webster

Grades 1 – 4 Students • 75 Euros / Term
3:40 – 4:40pm • Art & Design Room



Do you like to build, construct, tinker? Do you enjoy solving a practical problem with your own ideas? At the Junior STEAM Lab, we will work with a variety of materials to create useful and beautiful items. – Mr Knights

Grades 1 – 5 Students • 75 Euros / Term
3:40 – 4:40pm • Science Lab



Are you excited about your maths skills and would like to put them to the test in a competition format? Maths Quest is a group of students who practice maths problem solving skills throughout the school year then travel to an international competition to compete against other international school students. – Mr Kraft

Competition to be confirmed due to COVID-19 regulations.

Grade 4 – 6 Students • 75 Euros / Term
3:40 – 4:40pm • Apartment 3


Come and join the Board Games Club where you’ll find your favourite board games and learn some new ones! Get hands on – design and create your own board game in our semester-long project. All ages and language abilities are welcome. – Ms Pratt

Grade 1 – 5 Students • 75 Euros / Term
3:40 – 4:40pm • Room 3/4D



The study centre is designed to help students who need assistance in completing assignments, homework or personal inquiry.
– Ms Ledesma

Grade 2 – 10 Students • 75 Euros / Term
3:40 – 4:40pm • Grade 5 Room



Hola! Are you interested in learning more about the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures?

Join the Spanish Club Amigos!

The Spanish Club is an environment outside of the classroom where those who have a passion for Spanish-speaking culture and language can get together and interact with each other. We will learn some Spanish through songs, games, crafts and some other fun activities. By joining the Spanish Club Amigos, you can celebrate Hispanic holidays, learn about different customs, and experience the food, music and art of Spanish-speaking countries. – Ms Kubacsek & Ms Albarran

Grade 1 – 4 Students • 75 Euros / Term
12:40 – 1:40pm • Grade 3/4D


This is a non-contact sport and is safe and all ages and abilities. Since is a non-contact game, it’s usually mixed teams and throwing and catching a frisbee is great for hand-eye coordination.

We regularly find that students who wouldn’t usually get involved in PE really take an interest in Ultimate. No other sport can so effectively teach life values like integrity, respect as well as inclusion while still being exciting and fun. This is the best sport for children to begin playing this year! – Mr Gil

Grade 3 – 5 Students • 75 Euros / Term
12:40 – 1:40pm • Playground



Welcome to a world of colours and fun!

Join the Craft Club and you will be able to experience crafts from around the world and enjoy making seasonal crafting. Our projects will ice created mostly from recycling to help the environment! – Ms Kubacsek & Ms Albarran

KG – Grade 4 Students • 75 Euros / Term
3:40 – 4:40pm • Room 1/2K



The study centre is designed to help students who need assistance in completing assignments, homework or personal inquiry.
– Ms Ledesma

Grade 2 – 10 Students • 75 Euros / Term
3:40 – 4:40pm • Grade 5 Room



Do you like to talk? Do you enjoy arguing about things with your friends? Would you like to improve your speaking, thinking and arguing skills? This club is for you! Try the Debate Team! We will learn how to do different types of debate, how to speak more effectively, and how to think on your feet. We can debate interesting and fun topics, like “Should pizza ever have pineapple on it?” or serious ones like “Bottled water should be banned”. Come and learn what to do (and not to do) in any arguing situation, and have fun together on our Debate Team. (This activity is for anyone, Grades 5 – 10, but is also recommended for our MUN students). – Mr Bowe

Grade 5 – 10 Students • 75 Euros / Term
3:40 – 4:40pm • Art & Design Room



Do you love the piano? I can teach you the basics of classical piano playing (beginners level). Discover how your fingers can dance over the white and black keys and make some beautiful music. Learn how to read the printed music and find your way on the piano.
– Ms Ledesma & Ms Diane

Starting October 2021

Grade 1 – 10 Students • Room 3/4K & Cafeteria
30 Euros / Year Music Fee + 95 Euros / Monthly Instrumental Tuition Fee


Learn to play a stringed instrument or improve your advancing skills in the Violin class! Beginners, intermediate and advanced are all welcome. It is recommended to sign up for both a 30 minute private lesson and an ensemble class. Lessons and ensembles are available for violin, viola (slightly bigger than a violin), cello, double-bass or guitar. – Ms Hierlinger

Grade 1 – 10 Students • 3:30 – 4:00pm & 4:00 – 4:30pm • Cafeteria
30 Euros / Year Music Fee + 95 Euros / Monthly Instrumental Tuition Fee


Lessons focus on solid vocal technique and learning music in multiple languages and genres. Private voice lessons are open to students from grade 6 and up. Students will present in a recital at the end of each semester. – Ms Matovich

Grade 5 – 10 Students • 4:30 – 5:00pm & 5:00 – 5:30pm • Cafeteria
30 Euros / Year Music Fee + 95 Euros / Monthly Instrumental Tuition Fee


This orchestra is for students who have at least 1 year of learning on a string instrument: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass. Also accepted up to 2 piano players with an intermediate to advanced level of playing to accompany and support string sectionals.

Learning: Ensemble learning, technique, reading and performance. Solo opportunities

Opportunities: Performances in and outside of school as a music ambassador ensemble. Possibilities for honor orchestras and performances as part of AMIS (fee paying) or other. – Ms Matovich & Ms Hierlinger

Grade 5 – 10 Students • Cafeteria
3:40 – 4:40pm • 150 Euros / Year